Mario Kart Live. Wow!

Got to hand it to Nintendo, this looks fantastic! Only downside is the price at £99.99 for the pre-orders:

The Sony WH-1000XM4 is potentially going to drop this month!

Arguably the travel headphone king alongside their rivals at Bose. The M4 looks set to correct all the pain points on the M3’s! The major one for me is their lack of multi-device switching. Plus enhancements such as Bluetooth 5.0. June 23rd looks to be the touted date over at:

MacOS – Store screenshots in a different location!

Go to Spotlight (magnifying glass icon in the top right) search and open terminal (or your choice of shell). From there input (with the relevant path you want to store screenshots in): It’s as simple as that! If you’re as trigger happy as me with cmd +Shift+4 for screenshots then you’ll find this a godsend… Continue reading MacOS – Store screenshots in a different location!

Product recalls

An impressively scary list over and B&Q’s . I mean its good that they do them but its scary QA doesn’t pick them up before customers get them!

Sad to see Tesco bank reducing interest rates

Article:–to-1-/ Tesco Bank has been a long time choice of mine for its ease of use. With a current account that pays interest and with a rewards point scheme, it has a decent amount of appeal. It looks like they are following trends by other banks in reducing their benefits or making them harder… Continue reading Sad to see Tesco bank reducing interest rates

Garmin watches get Spotify (premium)!

As a VivoActive 3 watch user, this is great news as the music app selection up to now has been pretty more which the only known service to me being Deezer but I don’t use them. Details here: