Diskpart.exe, the silent hero of Windows.

I rarely use my Desktop these days.. I’m rather in favour of my 2019 MacBook Pro but with the pandemic, I’ve been gaming on the switch a lot more and saw that I could transfer my Witcher 3 saves from the Switch to the PC version (Using GoG’s cloud saves).

This started of a journey of bringing my Windows PC back upto date. A billion bits of software wanted updates and I didn’t have much in the way of space. For some reason or other I’d given 160GB of 512GB over to a linux partitio. That was essentially wiped straight away without hesitiation as far too many games still don’t support the plaform and this desktop only comes on to play them.

So this was done in is the Disk Management UI app that window provides. What became apparent was that there was a ~400MB partition in front of that 160GB one that the Disk Management apparently couldn’t touch…

So some brief Googling brought me onto: diskpart.exe :

No idea why this is only CLI based and Disk Management couldn’t handle this task but i’m mighty glad I know about it now.

Also being the elephant in a china shop that I am with my own stuff I forgot to make sure I accounted for Windows being able to boot properly so had a short venture off into making a Windows USB boot driver so I could recover the Windows Master Boot record (MBR). All is good now and I have a bit more space for like two games now 😉.

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