Finally, a custom 3.5mm cable for Sennheiser Headphones

I have a pair of HD 558‘s which were gifted to me. They were my first open cupped headphones which at first seemed a little weird but actually, I’ve come to love and prefer. Basically, I can still hear the phone ring or door bell go while enjoying my music to a good fidelity in relative isolation! Also with the baby, they’ve become even more important as I can still listen out for her but listen to music without disturbing her sleep, win-win!

Worth noting that these were replaced by HD 579‘s if you’re looking to buy some.

Give open cup ago! 

The main issue I had with them was that the cable. Although removable at both ends… One end had a 2.5mm jack for the headphones with a custom indent in the mould for locking the cable in place. The other end had 6.35 jack. It did come with a 3.5mm jack adapter but this was bulky to say the least and hardly something you’d have sticking out your phone in your pocket when doing stuff around the house. 

Now I get that Sennheiser target these as home audio but back when I got these it was impossible to get a cable that did 2.5mm straight to 3.5mm. As I had started using these again over my Samsung Level overs (pass, ANC is rubbish, go Boss QC35 or Sony MDR-1000X ) I went relooking and found:

Sennheiser HD558 CABLE

Just what I was looking for! So happy! Link:

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